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Oakwell PWM - San Antonio, TX

Oakwell Farms: A Brief History

Robert Tobin—a San Antonio legend—inherited his father’s dairy farm in 1954. Very soon after, he transformed the venture into what became a very lucrative and successful cattle ranch. 

Contrary to local rumors, Oakwell Farms did not get its name from the centuries-old oak trees that populate the area. In fact, the name was taken from the 16th century Oakwell Hall in Yorkshire, England, the ancestral home of Margaret Batts Tobin, Robert Tobin’s mother. 

The Oakwell area has a very rich historical story and beautiful scenery of centuries-old oak trees, decadent creek beds and an abundance of wildlife. 

Today, the area has been developed into one of San Antonio’s most beautiful residential and business areas. Our corporate office and money management team are located in Oakwell Court, in the heart of Oakwell Farms.