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Foreign Nationals

Navigating on the complexities of the United States retirement plan can be very challenging but it can be much tougher for those who hold dual citizenship or are foreign nationals. Through our Four Cornerstone Process, we work to help dual citizens and foreign nationals by: 

  1. Educating them on the products and tools available in the US for retirement and help assess if they are a right fit for their specific situation.  
  2. Alleviate some of their concerns such as “if I go back, what happens?”  
  3. Help to consolidate the benefits when needed or possible: The United States has concluded Social Security agreements with a number of other countries that help you avoid double taxation while working abroad and also help protect your future benefit rights. Your work overseas may help you to qualify for U.S. benefits if it was covered under a foreign Social Security system.

Experienced Advisor:

Laurent "Lou" Boumaza, CFP®