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Oakwell PWM - San Antonio, TX

Investment Management

The greatest advances in investments and finance have come out of academia.  Harry Markowitz examined diversification and portfolio risk in 1956; Eugene Fama developed the Efficient Market Hypothesis ten years later; and in the early 90's Fama and Kenneth French showed us that excess returns lie in markets, company size and relative price. Investors take for granted the work these Nobel Prize winners have accomplished and the foundations they have laid for portfolio management.

At Oakwell PWM we fully appreciate the advances of financial academia and do our part by turning investment science and theory into real-life, customized portfolios.


Key concepts in designing your portfolio:

  • Let markets work for you
  • Identify factors for excess expected returns
  • Diversify globally, among these factors
  • Consider expenses and turnover
  • Dynamic rebalancing
  • Stay Disciplined