Doctor Professionals

At Oakwell, we understand that physicians face unique financial challenges and opportunities throughout their careers, from managing medical school debt to planning for a secure retirement. Oakwell PWM specializes in navigating these complexities, offering personalized financial planning and investment management tailored to the distinct needs of physicians. We focus on creating a comprehensive financial strategy that includes debt management, wealth accumulation, tax planning, and estate planning, all designed to support physicians in achieving financial security and peace of mind. Our team is dedicated to helping physicians make informed financial decisions, freeing them to focus on their critical work of caring for others.

Why Choose Oakwell

  • Compensation Analysis: Understanding and maximizing compensation is key for physicians at any stage of their career. Oakwell conducts detailed compensation analyses to ensure that physicians are receiving fair market value for their work. This analysis includes reviewing salary, bonuses, benefits, and other compensation elements relative to industry standards, helping physicians make informed decisions about job offers and career progression.
  • Contract Negotiations: Navigating employment contracts is a critical step for physicians. Oakwell offers expertise in contract negotiations, providing guidance on key terms such as compensation, work hours, on-call expectations, and termination clauses. Our aim is to empower physicians with the knowledge and support needed to negotiate contracts that best serve their professional and personal objectives.
  • Physician Own Occupation Disability Insurance: Disability insurance is crucial for physicians, given the precise nature of their work and the potential impact of a disabling condition. Oakwell advises on "own occupation" disability insurance policies, which offer protection if a physician is unable to perform the specific duties of their medical specialty, even if they can work in another capacity. 
  • Physician Lending: Physicians have unique borrowing needs, especially when it comes to purchasing a home or investing in a practice. Oakwell understands these needs and offers guidance on physician lending options, which often include special terms such as low or no down payments and exemptions from private mortgage insurance. We help physicians navigate the lending landscape to find the best solutions for their personal and professional financial goals.
  • Debt Management for Physicians: Physicians often begin their careers with substantial medical school debt, making effective debt management crucial. Oakwell provides strategies for managing this debt, including refinancing options, loan forgiveness programs, and balancing debt payments with investment opportunities. 

Let Oakwell’s CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER professionals guide your financial journey with expertise, empathy, and a genuine commitment to your peace of mind. Craft a legacy that's not just financially sound but emotionally enriching—a chapter resonating with purpose and legacy.