Discover what Sets Oakwell Apart

At Oakwell, we understand that choosing a financial advisory firm is a crucial decision that directly impacts your financial future. Here’s what sets us apart from other advisors:


Having genuine relationships based on lasting trust is necessary for your peace of mind. In our commitment to delivering exceptional service, Oakwell adheres to the principles of Dunbar’s number, which suggests that maintaining meaningful relationships is optimal within a range of 75–100 individuals. By adopting this philosophy, we deliberately cap the number of client relationships per advisor within this range. By doing so, we are committing to a high-touch service experience, ensuring our availability and engagement.


Our focus on education elevates the value we bring to our clients. Oakwell’s advisory team consists of seven CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER professionals and is fortified by three Certified Public Accountants (CPAs) and two Chartered Financial Analysts (CFAs). These layers of expertise extend beyond conventional financial advice, providing insight that enriches the counsel we offer to our clients. Whether navigating investment selections or devising tax planning strategies, our adept team is well-equipped to contribute valuable perspectives, enhancing the overall effectiveness of your financial strategy.


Instilling confidence in the integrity of our services, Oakwell places an unwavering commitment to the fiduciary standard. The obligations imposed by both our licensing and CFP® certification reinforce our dedication to prioritizing your best interests. Acknowledged as the “standard of excellence for financial planners,” the CFP® certification ensures that you will receive guidance from specialists committed to maintaining the utmost ethical and professional standards within our industry. Rest assured that every recommendation and decision we make is rooted in a steadfast commitment to your financial well-being.


A consistent team approach is essential to achieving financial success and security for our clients. We recognize that your financial future is too crucial to hinge solely on the decisions of an individual advisor. Our firm adopts a team-oriented philosophy, assigning each client to a dedicated team of advisors. This collective strategy allows for a diverse range of perspectives and meticulous consideration of your distinctive financial goals.


Our commitment is to transparency and aligning our interests with yours. Oakwell operates on a fee-based model, meaning we do not earn commissions on investments but instead charge a fee based on Assets Under Management (AUM). You can trust that our recommendations are based on what’s best for you, not our bottom line. Click here to see Oakwell’s fees.

Embark on a financial journey like no other with Oakwell Private Wealth Management. Beyond traditional account management, we stand as dedicated partners in securing your prosperous financial future. Click here to schedule a 15-minute call with one of our CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™ professionals to explore how our premium services can tailor to your unique needs.

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