Leah Boatwright

Client Service Manager

Leah joined Oakwell Private Wealth Management in 2023, attracted by the company's culture and team-oriented approach. Before Oakwell, Leah served as an Executive Office Manager for a credit union in the Houston area. 

 Leah grew up in a suburb of Dallas and after completing high school, she moved to Hutto, Texas, to attend Austin Community College. While pursuing her associates degree, she decided that college wasn't the right path for her and transitioned into the workforce. Her passion for office administrative work led her to work for a wealth management firm in San Antonio, where she honed her skills and gained valuable experience over nearly a decade. 

 Outside of her professional life, Leah's priorities include spending quality time with her family and supporting her son, Turner, in his select baseball games. She enjoys family game nights and taking annual trips to the beach, allowing her to relax and unwind. Leah seems to value both her professional career and her family life, balancing her interests and commitments.